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What is the warranty period on an ADVAN monitor?

The product purchased will be warranted for a period of eighteen (18) months (excluding the LCD panel, touch screen, and the protection filter) from the date of shipment.

LCD panels and touch screens are warranted for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of shipment.

Where I can get my ADVAN monitors serviced?

Click HERE to obtain more information on repair services for products.

What are pixel defects and how can it be recognized?

The LCD panel consists of numerous pixels. The larger the size of the panel, the more pixels and the greater the chance that some will be defective and remain fully on or off or partially active. Pixel defect is mostly caused by a function defect of the TFT. For a display monitor with maximum resolution of XGA (1024×768) there are total of 786,432 pixels, and each pixel has 3 transistors. Therefore, a XGA panel has a total of 2,359,296 transistors and failure of one transistor can resolve in pixel defect. It is difficult to manufacture a large panel with zero defects using current LCD manufacturing technology. These defective pixels can usually be recognized as constant whit,dark, or colored areas on the screen.

What are refresh rates? How is this applicable to LCD monitors?

Unlike CRT display technology in which the speed of the electron beam is swept from the top to the bottom of the screen to determine flicker. AMLCD (active matrix liquid crystal display) uses an active element TFT to control each individual pixel and thus refresh rates are not applicable to LCD technology.