Matrix Router



Feature & Tech Specs

•   Up to 16 DVI inputs and outputs can be configured.
•   Up to 16 DVI / HDMI / SDIinputs and outputs can be configured.
•   Each card has 4 input or 4 output ports and 4 cards can be fitted into input and output bays.
•   Has Electrical DVI / HDMI / SDIand Optical DVI input and output cards.
•   Complies with DDC/HDCP (Electrical DVI, HDMI cards only).
•   Supports 3 types of EDID management:
- Default Mode / Auto Mix Mode / Output Copy Mode.
•   Supports various control methods:
- Key buttons operation
- Command input (Such as Hyper terminal by RS-232 and Telnet by TCP/IP)
- Web panel control (TCP/IP)
- PC program by RS-232 and UDP
•   Works with OPTICIS DVIoptical extender for long signal extension.
•   Has dual-power supplier for hot-swappable and load-sharing.
•   Equips multi-viewer card to be used in various monitoring systems.
•   Provides diagnostic function for quick trouble shooting.
•   Has video generator output and monitoring output for easy installation.
•   Dimension(WDH): 440 x 380x 178mm
•   Weight: <11Kg (net weight for single power)

Connection Diagram