Advan Int’l Corp. is proud to announce the new AMM215MPWTD monitor with PCoIP® Zero Client technology. This monitor is a medical grade, full high definition 1080, LCD display powered by PCoIP® technology, and VMware to deliver high performance and provide secure virtual computing solutions.

AMM215MPWTD is a specialized medical display, which provides a complete VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) experience. It allows nurses, doctors, technicians, and specialist to have secure access to the desktop anytime and anywhere. AMM215MPWTD improves business efficiency by reducing maintenance costs, and greatly improves the security of the entire system by storing data in a central server. AMM215MPWTD is a high-quality medical device that will prove to be essential in a hospital environment.

AMM215MPWTD features multiple functions like picture by picture (PIP), which are accessed by one push of the multi-image button on the front of the monitor. The DVI input connector can be customized with optional modules such as HDMI, optical, or a display port. The AMM215MPWTD is made with antimicrobial activity treated plastic using Advan’s unique Seolforbio Technology. This feature helps protect against harmful solid and liquid foreign objects, and is the first monitor produced by Advan to be in accordance with an International Protection Rating IP23. The anti-reflective protective screen is coated on both sides with a hard coating. This hard coating further protects it from scratches, contamination, and fingerprints, as well as making the monitor water repellant. All of our products are medical grade certified, compliant, and approved by a multitude of international safety agencies.