Business Area: 

ADVAN specialize in high-end LCD/LED Flat Panel displays for endoscopic surgeries, which is a minimally invasive. This includes surgical cardio vascular and preventative care markets. Since minimally invasive surgery has replaced traditional surgical procedures with true to life images with high resolution, technical solutions are the most valuable assets in our modern life. We strive for the greatest possible reliability and quality in our products.

Business Model: 

We use original equipment manufacturing (OEM) & original development manufacturing (ODM) partnerships to produce premier medical products in the United States and Korea. Paired with our unique designs and engineering, our customers experience reliability in our products, which distinguishes us from our competitors.

Fabless Manufacturing:

To focus on the design, development, and marketing of our products, we implement Fabless Manufacturing, which refers to the business methodology of outsourcing the manufacturing of our displays  and alliances with medical display manufacturers. We cooperate with companies in Korea to manufacture our products, which in turn reduces our products costs.


Advan has a network of service centers domestically and around the globe to better serve our customers. With our extensive network, and use of OEM parts, we provide short turn-around times, while still providing high quality repairs.


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