ADVAN Int’l Corp was established in 1982 as a distributor of integrated circuits (IC) for VME boards and communication equipment, servicing the Japanese and US markets. In 1997, ADVAN Int’l Corp expanded its product line providing LCD displays that focused on medical imaging and health care industries. In 1999, ADVAN Int’l Corp secured its first OEM contract with Agilent Technologies, opening the doors to secure other OEM customers across the globe, and catapulting what use to be a small business entity into a global leader in medical imaging.

In 2002, ADVAN Int’l Corp reached another milestone with the opening of a second engineering office in Seoul, South Korea, which operates as the engineering solution group. ADVAN Int’l Corp. Korea houses a team of engineers with technical expertise. This expansion in our engineering team has brought substantial growth in our line of products, and has made ADVAN an innovator in our field.

In 2012, ADVAN Int’l Corp celebrated 30 years of business as well as having major service depots located in the USA, Korea, Japan, and Germany to better serve our customers.