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Limited Quantity Release of the AMM15TK2

AMM15TK3 (Front with stand)

ADVAN is welcoming back the AMM15TK2! This is a limited quantity release of one of our most popular displays. AMM15TK2 incorporates optimized multi-bit video processing technology and an advanced high clarity XGA(1024×768) panel, to display an extremely high level of chromaticity response with rich color depth, wide range contrast, and superior brightness. This display features custom developed ASIC with true 10 bit processing and Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing for smooth and natural images. The display reproduces images captured by an Endoscope system with accurate chromatic data reproduction and consistent gamma for both static and moving images. AMM15TK2 incorporates a high level of flexibility with support of a wide range of input types which include: VGA, DVI, Composite, YC, RGB, and Component. For inquiries, please email sales@advancorp.com.

ADVAN Displays Strength in Medical Monitor Market


According to “US Markets for Video and High-Tech Hardware Devices 2014” by Millennium Research Group, ADVAN ranked first in North America’s ODM market with a share of 23.5 percent last year. Millennium Research Group initially introduced ADVAN in 2009 as the leading company of ODM/OEM surgical monitors in 2009, and reported as early as 2010 that ADVAN was steadily gaining growth in the European markets with a market share of 11.5 percent.
The global medical device market is expected to continually grow by an annual average of over 10 percent through increasing OR integration systems. Currently ADVAN is stepping up our existing product line, and seeking to diversify our products by recently adding our Zero Client display line equipped with PCoIP solutions along with touch screen technology. ADVAN also expects to keep up with technology trends by continually performing field test verifications and collaborating our products with camera systems being introduced to the global market. The close relationship ADVAN maintains with our customers, the investments made for the development of new technologies, and product quality improvements distinguishes us from our competitors in the medical display market

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26Inch Surgical Monitor and 21.5inch PCoIP In-Session Touch Monitor Showcasing at MEDICA 2014



Visit Onyx Healthcare’s booth at MEDICA 2014 from November 12th to 15th in Düsseldorf, Germany to see ADVAN’s 26inch surgical monitor and 21.5inch PCoIP In-Session Touch monitor up close and in depth! View the rich color depth and the wide range contrast of the 26inch, and discover PCoIP technology with the new and improved 21.5inch PCoIP In-Session touch monitor.  Pay them a visit in Hall 15 Booth 42.



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ADVAN’s AMM215MPWTD with PCoIP® Zero Client Achieves VMware Ready™ Status – 09/04/2014

ADVAN INT’L CORP AMM215MPWTD Achieves VMware Ready™ Status


 On September, 4th, 2014 — Advan Int’l Corp, today announced that its AMM215MPWTD has achieved VMware Ready™ status. This designation indicates that after a detailed validation process AMM215MPWTD has achieved VMware’s highest level of endorsement, and can be found on the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) at https://solutionexchange.vmware.com/.


The VMware Ready program is a co-branding benefit of the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program that makes it easy for customers to identify partner products certified to work with VMware cloud infrastructure. Customers can use these products and solutions to lower project risks and realize cost savings over custom built solutions.  With thousands of members worldwide, the VMware TAP program includes best-of-breed technology partners with the shared commitment to bring the best expertise and business solution for each unique customer need.



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VMware and VMware Ready are registered trademarks or trademarks of VMware, Inc. in the United States and other jurisdictions. The use of the word “partner” and/or “partnership” does not imply a legal partnership relationship between VMware and any other company.


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ADVAN’s Medical Grade Zero Client Monitor is Specifically Designed for the Healthcare Industry-05/22/2014

Medical Grade Zero Client Monitor is Specifically Designed for the Healthcare Industry

Our Zero Client Monitor (AMM215MPWTD) is the world’s first all-in-one PCoIP® equipped medical grade monitor developed for using in the VDI environment. Generally a medical grade monitor equipped with a medical-grade flat panel has higher luminance which processes clearer and sharper images than consumer-grade displays. It meets quality requirements through very strict quality management, and supports DICOM standards. With the DICOM gamma, Medical professionals can pin point lesions accurately, and it optimizes their visual and operational performances. Medical grade monitors are better equipped to be used in the medical environment.

Medical Grade Zero Client Monitor (AMM215MPWTD) has caught the attention of the medical community due to the innovative PCoIP® technology. PCoIP® is VMware’s remote display protocol for delivering remote desktops and applications to clients. The distinguishing benefit is that PCoIP offers stable experiences without any function barriers to clients because it does not require client computer power. Benefits include reducing the risk of viruses, spyware, and hacking by storing data in a central server. It also helps to reduce maintenance costs by quickly and easily getting rid of old physical PC’s and high cost software systems. Finally, it is suitable for use in hospitals because it saves working space and reduces noise and dust to improve the environment.

ADVAN’s AMM215MPWTD is equipped with 10 bit processing technology and pixel boosted high clarity FHD (1920×1080) panels.

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Advan Int’l Corp medical PCoIP® Zero Client will be at HIMSS 2014 – 02/22/2014

HIMSS 2014 Conference and Exhibition
Date: Feb 23 – 27, 2014
Location: Orlando, FL

Join us at the HIMSS Conference and Exhibition. Our Medical Grade PCoIP® Zero Client will be at VMware’s booth #2535 and 10Zig’s booth #2031!

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Advan International Corp. introduces the Medical Grade AMM215MPWTD With PCoIP® Zero Client 02/17/2014

Advan Int’l Corp. is proud to announce the new AMM215MPWTD monitor with PCoIP® Zero Client technology. This monitor is a medical grade, full high definition 1080, LCD display powered by PCoIP® technology, and VMware to deliver high performance and provide secure virtual computing solutions.

AMM215MPWTD is a specialized medical display, which provides a complete VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) experience. It allows nurses, doctors, technicians, and specialist to have secure access to the desktop anytime and anywhere. AMM215MPWTD improves business efficiency by reducing maintenance costs, and greatly improves the security of the entire system by storing data in a central server. AMM215MPWTD is a high-quality medical device that will prove to be essential in a hospital environment.

AMM215MPWTD features multiple functions like picture by picture (PIP), which are accessed by one push of the multi-image button on the front of the monitor. The DVI input connector can be customized with optional modules such as HDMI, optical, or a display port. The AMM215MPWTD is made with antimicrobial activity treated plastic using Advan’s unique Seolforbio Technology. This feature helps protect against harmful solid and liquid foreign objects, and is the first monitor produced by Advan to be in accordance with an International Protection Rating IP23. The anti-reflective protective screen is coated on both sides with a hard coating. This hard coating further protects it from scratches, contamination, and fingerprints, as well as making the monitor water repellant. All of our products are medical grade certified, compliant, and approved by a multitude of international safety agencies.

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ADVAN Introduces the New 26-inch High Definition Wide Screen Surgical Display 12/15/2013



ADVAN Int’l Corp. is introducing the brand new 26 inch LED professional surgical display onto the market, which is set to become a sales leader in the global endoscopy market.

The AMM261WTD monitor has been released as an improved model of the ADVAN 24-Inch Full HD model. This monitor provides greatly enhanced details, and extremely bright images of the target area.

As Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is being more widely used, due to its ability to cause less pain and enable fast recovery times, the demand for improved surgical displays is increasing. The key feature of the new AMM261WTD is that it displays the target area with perfect color reproduction and extremely detailed high resolution (16:9) using the Endo-system.

ADVAN has been successfully providing medical monitors to the world’s leading endoscopy manufacturers and suppliers. We form close partnerships with our customers from the early stages of development. This allows Advan to use our advanced technology to customize monitors to the needs of our customers’ facilities.

Advan’s Vice President of Research and Development, Alan Yu states, “Now we are equipped with display series from 19-inch to 26-inch screen, and are pleased to provide various solutions for specialized endoscopic areas such as laparoscope, arthroscopy, and GI.”

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