According to “US Markets for Video and High-Tech Hardware Devices 2014” by Millennium Research Group, ADVAN ranked first in North America’s ODM market with a share of 23.5 percent last year. Millennium Research Group initially introduced ADVAN in 2009 as the leading company of ODM/OEM surgical monitors in 2009, and reported as early as 2010 that ADVAN was steadily gaining growth in the European markets with a market share of 11.5 percent.
The global medical device market is expected to continually grow by an annual average of over 10 percent through increasing OR integration systems. Currently ADVAN is stepping up our existing product line, and seeking to diversify our products by recently adding our Zero Client display line equipped with PCoIP solutions along with touch screen technology. ADVAN also expects to keep up with technology trends by continually performing field test verifications and collaborating our products with camera systems being introduced to the global market. The close relationship ADVAN maintains with our customers, the investments made for the development of new technologies, and product quality improvements distinguishes us from our competitors in the medical display market