ADVAN Int’l Corp. is introducing the brand new 26 inch LED professional surgical display onto the market, which is set to become a sales leader in the global endoscopy market.

The AMM261WTD monitor has been released as an improved model of the ADVAN 24-Inch Full HD model. This monitor provides greatly enhanced details, and extremely bright images of the target area.

As Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is being more widely used, due to its ability to cause less pain and enable fast recovery times, the demand for improved surgical displays is increasing. The key feature of the new AMM261WTD is that it displays the target area with perfect color reproduction and extremely detailed high resolution (16:9) using the Endo-system.

ADVAN has been successfully providing medical monitors to the world’s leading endoscopy manufacturers and suppliers. We form close partnerships with our customers from the early stages of development. This allows Advan to use our advanced technology to customize monitors to the needs of our customers’ facilities.

Advan’s Vice President of Research and Development, Alan Yu states, “Now we are equipped with display series from 19-inch to 26-inch screen, and are pleased to provide various solutions for specialized endoscopic areas such as laparoscope, arthroscopy, and GI.”